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What we offer

Lights & Modifiers

  • Profoto D2
  • Profoto B1X.
  • Light shaping tools by Profoto
  • OCF Magnum Reflector*1
  • RFI Soft-box strip*2
  • Soft light Reflector White (Beauty Dish)
  • Telezoom Reflector
  • Zoom reflector
  • OCF Grid Kit
  • Pro-Fresnel spot
  • Snoot for Zoom Reflector
  • OCF Colour effects gel pack
  • Umbrella Deep white
  • RFI soft box Octa
  • Profoto C1 Plus
  • RFI Big soft box octa

The studio

  • Private Space
  • Soft Light Boxes
  • Continuous Lighting
  • Green Screen Backdrop
  • Custom Printed Backdrop in-house
  • Make-up Mirrors
  • Full Body Mirror
  • Changing Zone + Apparel Rack
  • Acoustic Foam Panels
  • Controlled Lighting
  • Toilet & Shower
  • Central Heating
  • Coloured Lighting
  • Smoke Machine
  • Bose sound systems
  • Multiple layer background dispenser, etc.

Camera, Tripod & Stands

  • Hasselblad H6D 100 C (300mm f4, 110mm f3.5, 24 mm f4)
  • Nikon D4, Z6 & D810 with lenses(70-200 f2.8, 50mm f1.4, 105 mm Macro f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 14-24 f2.8)
  • Panasonic S1 (50mm f1.8, 24-70 f4) Manfrotto tripods (Pan heads) Gitzo tripod (Gimbal Head)
  • Avenger Boom stands with rollers
  • Avenger C stands
  • Avenger Ground Stands

Video Equipments

  • Sony FS 7 Cinema Camera
  • Cinema Tripod
  • Gimbals Sliders
  • Atmos Shogun Inferno
  • High powered LED/ Fresnel lights for your video productions.
  • Sennheiser lapel mic for audio recordings.
  • Boom Mic & Mixer on request.

Studio Amenities

  • Backgrounds: White, Black, Fashion Grey, Mocha, Ultra Marine, Crimson, Primary Red, Green, Canary Yellow, Purple, Tulip Pink, Brown, Deep Yellow (All Savage Background papers)
  • Photo Lights: Profoto B1x, D2, Elinchrom FRX 400 and ELC 1000
  • Video Lights: 200W (Equivalent to 2000W normal Fresnel) LED Fresnel Lights
  • Softboxes: 175 Octa, 135 Octa, 100 cm Strip , Large Square Soft Box , Small Soft Box, Reflectors, Umbrella, Snoot, Beauty Dish with grid
  • Turntable: 360 degrees auto rotating turntable for product shoots
  • Accessories: 3x1 Reflector Kit, Colored Gels, Barn Doors, Super Clamps, Extension Boards, Manfrotto/Vanguard Tripod and Monopod, Sennheiser Lapel Mic, Boom Stand, Sekonic L758DR light meter
  • Power: Utility Power cables, extensions and instant power backup
  • Dimensions: 48ft (length) x 23ft (width) x 11ft (height)
  • Music: JBL Party box compatible with iPhone, USB & Aux support
  • Pantry: Tea & Coffee Vending Machine, Microwave, Refrigerator, RO machine
  • Connectivity: Nearest Metro station is GTB Nagar.
  • Air-Conditioning: Fully air-conditioned studio
  • Garment Care: Ironing Board, Steam Iron, Clothing Rail, Hangers
  • Others: Helper, Changing Room, Makeup Table, Ceiling track, Motorized Roller, Body & Hair Fan, Bar Stool, Sofa, Acrylic Sheets, Thermacol, Mannequin, Snow machine, Smoke Machine
  • Rates: INR 8000 for 8 hours / INR 4000 for 4 hours / INR 1000 per extra hour
  • Studio Schedule

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