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      Logos on all the advertisement material (online and offline) such as:

    • (Sponsorship, Photography Coverage) Posters Banners Flyers Facebook, Instagram etc. and other social media platform too. And all the other promotional materials your party will be using in the event.
    • Promotions (ONLINE+OFFLINE) (Sponsorship, Photography Coverage) Delhi College of Photography prominent branding in all promotional events and activities by emcee. Prominent branding through social media marketing like Facebook, instagram, twitter and etc.
    • Memento – DCOP + JUDGES (Sponsorship, Photography Coverage) A memento should be provided to Delhi College of Photography for sponsoring the media partnership and coverage of the event. In case our team members are a part of your judge panel for photography competition, Fashion show or any other performance, we expect from you mementos as symbol of respect to each member participating as a judge in the event.
    • The Memento shall contain both DCOP logo and your company logo.

    • Certificates and Meals (Photography coverage) Certificates and meal vouchers should be provided to all the Photographers from Delhi College of Photography. Every photographer should be provided with the one- time meal for an event of duration of 8 hours. If the event exceeds the duration of 8 hours, 2 times meal vouchers should be provided.
    • Space for FLAGS and STANDEES (Photography Coverage) The space for Delhi College of Photography flags and standees shall be provided.
    • Stall/Canopy (Photography Coverage) A stall/booth with electricity where photographers can charge their cameras and equipment and keep their stuff must be provided. The stall shall placed at the same area as other stalls.

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