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Fashion Photography

Duration: 12 Weeks (3 months appx)

 Fashion Photography (specialisation) 


Fashion Photography course allows study of fashion photography as both a practical and cultural discipline. The course is academically rigorous, with exploration of analytical and critical approaches to photographic imagery, together with study of the ideology, politics and context of fashion. You will learn the technical skills of photography, whilst exploring images from haute couture to street style, from advertising campaigns to designer look-books, from art gallery to shop window and from fanzine to glossy magazine, and develop an analytical and critical view of global style and the cultural landscape of the fashion industry.

You will experience location and studio shooting, using the excellent photography studios within the College, and you will explore digital image production and manipulation. You will experience working in teams and building relationships with stylists, make-up artists, models & art directors. You will be encouraged to develop your own authentic take on fashion photography, and by the end of the course will be fully equipped to enter the industry as a professional and original image maker.

After finishing this course our students will also get 1-month studio membership where they can use our studio & equipments. So they don’t have to invest & they can still practice and built-up their portfolios*. Even during this period students are free to use college facilities and consult tutors.


The course key topics:


· Introduction to Fashion Photography

· Using studio lights, reflectors, umbrellas, soft-boxes, beauty-dish, light-meters, grey card, honey-comb in fashion photography

· Creative studio lighting & glamour lighting

· Studying various fashion styles by working with fashion designers.

· Understanding make up with professional make-up artists.

· Experience studio sessions, shoot models and gain requisite exposure enhancing your artistic sense of reciting your own definition of fashion.

· Outdoor location shoots with the team of professional models, makeup artist and fashion stylists.

· Understanding how manipulation of different studio lightingcan give different effects

· Learn basic lighting for various fashion looks…. ethnic look/ bridal look/ western look/ casual look/ corporate look/ sporty look/ sensuous look.


*Studio rental will be available on its availability & prior booking is mandatory. Studio can be booked for maximum of 1 slot of 4 hrs in a day. Refundable deposit of Rs 5000 has to be made. Delhi College of Photography will hold the copyrights of all images taken at Delhi college of Photography.

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