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Candid Wedding Photography


Duration: 3 weeks

Cadid Wedding (specialisation) 

Wedding photography captures all of the intimate details of the couple’s special day. These pictures should evoke the love, passion, romance and beauty of the couple as well as their wedding venue and décor. From the wedding party to the desserts, no detail should go uncaptured. 

This 3 week wedding course is ideal for those who wish to start a career as professional wedding photographer. It is also suitable for those who has some experience in shooting weddings and would like to take their knowledge and skills in wedding photography to the next level. 

During candid wedding photography course our experienced photographers will walk you through the process of wedding photography: from an introduction to the basic equipment, through shooting techniques, lighting & posing, to the procedures and details on scouting and location.  We will help you to define your style, as it’s an important part of setting clearly defined expectations for your clients and collaborating effectively. 

We will also give you tips on how to stay ahead of the game in competition for this lucrative market. 


The course key topics:       

·      Discussion of Wedding Photography styles;

·      Preparation, client expectation, suggested shot list;

·      RAW v JPEG;

·      Low light photography techniques;

·      Equipment;

·      A half-day wedding shoot with a bride and groom (on location);

·      Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop overview;

·      Sales &Marketing:  from bookings to maximising profits;

·      Products:  a look at albums and framing as a means of pricing and presenting your work;

·      Handling the unexpected situations. 


We’ll spend a few hours working on post production. We will learn editing and how Lightroom and Photoshop work together to produce stunning images.

We can also make arrangements for taking you to live wedding for a short time in order for you to get some experience in actual wedding environment and apply your knowledge on the subject.

By the end of this course not only will you get some great portfolio material, but you will also obtain the knowledge about the business side of wedding photography.


Course certificate will be awarded for successful submission to all students by Delhi College of Photography.

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