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BASIC Photography Course

Duration: 2 weeks (12 hours) |  Age limit: none

Basic Photography Course is designed for those who would love to understand the basics of photography and to improve their photography skills.

You will be taught the basic theory and fundamentals of photography. At DCOP we believe that it is essential for one to be well-versed in the fundamentals. You will be trained to develop a creative approach to capture images with impact.


The key topics of the course:

History of Photography

Discussing choices in photography as a profession

Introduction to DSLR camera and its components

Introduction to Lightning

Understanding and controlling exposure using Aperture, Shutter and film speeds (ISO).

Introduction to lens, learning the different types

Depth of field (DOP) also called as bukeh.

Shooting techniques, photographing people & tips for candid photography.

Indoor and outdoor Portrait photography. Applying light theory to portraiture. Practical demonstrations

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