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Self Makeup

Duration- 12 hrs (2 weeks)

Our facility represents our latest effort to support the make-up artist community with quality education and products. With its central location, tree-lined avenues, and stunning architecture, it’s the perfect backdrop for inspired learning. The facility includes classrooms, video and photography areas, administrative offices and a make up demonstration room.

In order to meet the needs and requirements of people who are either a full time student or a professional we have divided the course as per the need with different set of timings and course as well.

The Self Make up Course

Though we all know that "beauty is skin deep" but it is necessary that one must care for one's body and appearance to look beautiful and attractive. Beautiful and accurate makeup can make a woman look very attractive, elegant and give her much more self-confidence and self-reliance. Actually you need only a little of cosmetics to look wonderful. All you need is to use it right. Follow our makeup tips and take on the world.

For a complete self make up you need to know the application of foundation, eye shadows, eye liners, mascara, lip liners, lip colours , blusher.

Duration - 14hrs.

This course consists of -

Foundation Basics-

Choosing the right type of foundation, suiting your skin type, eg:- powder foundation , mineral foundation, liquid foundation, cakes.

Choosing the right colour, suiting your skin tone, yellow skin, pinkish skin etc, choose the right colour to make sure that the make up looks more natural and not fake.

Applying Foundation - Learn the best method to apply the foundation, whether its by using brush, fingers , sponges etc .

Blusher Basics-

Blush is an important part of make-up. With the help of an accurately applied blush you can refresh your face, make it looking much better and healthier. Blusher adds color and depth to the skin and can give our cheeks, forehead and nose a healthy, dazzling look.

Knowing and choosing the type of Blusher that suits your skin type and tone -

The creamy, powder , pigments, gel, highlighters etc . Learn to choose what’s best for you.

Choosing the Best Colour-

This is the difficult part of this section. Choosing the right colour for your skin tone is essential. The right colour will give you a healthy glow. The wrong colour will leave you looking drained or overdone. Contrary to popular belief, whatever your skin tone, fair, medium, or deep, you can blush in almost any colour - but it's the intensity of colour that can make or break the look. If the colour is too deep or intense, it can look loud on light skins. If it's too faint, the colour can disappear on medium to deep-toned skin.

Learn the tips and tricks to choose the right colour and rock your day.


You need to know the shape of your face quite well in order to make sure your application suits you best. You can also create a lot of illusion with the correct application of a blusher, For example you can get these looks with proper application, For a sculpted, sophisticated look, For a soft, diffused glow, to emphasize bone structure, to make your skin look clearer, For a long, narrow face, for a Round, Wide, or Square Face.

Weather you use a blusher brush or your fingertips for the application, you need to know what exactly make it look best . Learn it all from the Course of self-make up.

Eyes -

For makeup for your eyes you need shadows, eyeliners, mascara etc. For many of us eyes are the most appealing factor that makes your make up complete.

Application of Eye shadows, eye liner , mascara -

You need to know the tones of make up shadows and liners that suits you best to stand out in the crowd. In this special course of self make up you get to learn the tips and tricks for brown and black eyes, green and brown eyes, gray and blue eyes, Deep-Set Eyes, Wide-Set Eyes, Close-Set Eyes etc .

Use the correct set of eye make up tools to get the best look and get to know these tools only at DCOP.


Lips are an integral part of makeup. Moist, smooth lips hold colour best. Look beautiful by following the basic tips for healthy and great looking lips.

Learn how to keep your lips moist and in best shape without using any make up by knowing

what to do during the mornings and bed time.

How to find more suitable colour -

Learn to find out the best colours according to your skin tone.

Did you know ? Your hair colour also decides what lip colour will suit you best. Learn the tips and tricks accordingly . After learning the tips you will be able to know the lip colour selection for light skin and blonde hair, for dark skin and dark hair, for light skin and dark hair, for red hair women.

Learn the application methods from the experts. Use your lips tools efficiently to make the most of it.

You are all set to go after you expertise on these. Remember " Practice makes man perfect"

Do not expect a magic after you learn the tips, you need apply it , make use of your knowledge in order to enhance your skills.

In addition with the Self make up course we will also provide you with the tips and tricks and healthy manner of -

How to remove make up efficiently and hygienically?

After care tips after all day make up.

So what are you waiting for, if this criteria suits you best, enroll yourself for the self make up course today.

Suggestion- After you expertise in Self make up Course and if you feel that you want to learn more and take a 1 step forward and enroll yourself into Basic make up course.

FAQ's .

Q. Do I need to hold any previous experience regarding make up?

Ans- No, you do not need to be an experienced person, this course is all about making the best use of you available tools to get the best look in yourself.

Q. Do I get a trial class before I start up with the course?

Ans- Well as for now we do not have trial classes before the admission. However after you enroll yourself for the course, we will have our experts do a skin and face analysis for you so that you get the clear picture of what products and tools you would be needing during the course and provide you with a structured list of items which you can get along on the first day of class.

Q. What do I need to get along with me when I come for the self make up classes?

Ans- You need to get your admission/ registration slip, and the products on the list which was provided during the self analysis session

If you have any further queries regarding the course, kindly click on the query option on the main page and drop in your query and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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