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At Delhi College of Photography we provide training that is tailored to your personal and career aspirations, and offer programs that help you reach your potential.

Our courses range from basic through to advanced studies of photography.


Basic Course

Foundation Course

Advanced Course / 1 Year Diploma


Summer School


Are you Introductory or Advanced?

Introductory Courses

If you have no experience in the world of photography but wish to become familiar with the photography discipline or more specific aspects of it, you can choose the 2 week-introductory courses. Each course will allow you to grasp the principles of the subject, which is necessary for further development of photography skills.

Advanced Courses

The advanced courses are suitable for students who already have basic knowledge of photography. The short course will give you the opportunity to continue developing your skills. The courses last 2 weeks and include an introductory overview, project experimentation and assessment. You will learn specific technical skills and methodologies, as well as those relating to project proposals and the development of ideas. To be admitted to the advanced courses it is preferable that you have some prior knowledge of the subject area.

Specialization Courses

The courses are meant for those, who have already obtained good knowledge of camera basics & lighting, have good hands on approach to use the camera & wants to specialize in particular field. These courses are specially designed for those who plan their career as professional photographers.

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